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Document Types

Upon review and evaluation we will assist you in selecting from our menu of retirement plan options. Depending upon what is appropriate for your company, any of these plan documents may be adopted and implemented pursuant to achieve the desired affect:

Prototype Plans. This method represents the simplest form of plan adoption, generally effective upon the simple execution of an Adoption Agreement (either a standardized or nonstandardized version depending upon the options desired). Prototype Plans do not require an application for IRS approval.

Volume Submitter Plans. Depending upon the desired features for a retirement plan, a Volume Submitter Plan may be more appropriate. These plans allow more flexibility than Prototype Plans in allowing more permissible plan options, and, in many situations, do not require IRS approval.

Individually Drafted Plan. Whenever your desired plan features become more varied or complex, or your company currently (or previously) sponsors other retirement plans, an Individually Designed Plan may be the best alternative. They are marginally more expensive to establish, administer, and obtain IRS approval, but provide the most flexibility and control over your optional plan features.

 Sample Documents

1. Prototype - nonstandardized plans
(Adoption Agreement and Basic Plan Document)
Non standardized 401(k)/Profit Sharing - EGTRRA *
Non standardized Money Purchase - EGTRRA
Non standardized Target - EGTRRA
2. Prototype - standardized plans
(Adoption Agreement and Basic Plan Document)
Standardized 401(k)/Profit Sharing - EGTRRA
Standardized Money Purchase - EGTRRA
3. Volume Submitter Plans
Volume Submitter 401(k)
Volume Submitter Profit Sharing
Volume Submitter Money Purchase
Volume Submitter 401(k)
(Prototype Format) - EGTRRA
Volume Submitter Defined Benefit
(Prototype Format)
4. Individually-Drafted Plans
(Adoption Agreement Basic Plan Document)
Cash Balance Basic Plan Document
403(b) (Full Scope) Basic Plan Document
403(b) (Limited Scope) Basic Plan Document
ESOP Basic Plan Document
* (may be established as 401(k) Plan or a Profit Sharing Plan only)

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Information is provided for review and consideration only. Please consult legal and tax advisors for practical advice pertaining to your business and personal situations.

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